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Tips For Clearing Up Your Yard

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If your yard looks overgrown and is getting riddled with junk, it is time to clean up and clear out. This can seem a little daunting at first, especially when you aren't quite sure where to start. Here are some helpful tips for clearing up your yard and once again enjoying the outdoor space.

Rent a Rubbish Bin

One of the things that keeps people from doing yard work and clearing junk or trash from the backyard is that it requires actually removing all of the waste. Just trimming bushes and mowing the grass gives you a good amount of yard waste, and you might not have enough room in your main yard waste bin. In this case, consider renting a rubbish bin from a rubbish management company. They have bins specifically for yard waste, which are larger than the one you have and would still be picked up on time just like your other rubbish bins. You just need to fill it up and place it on the street when you're done. You can also request a larger recyclable bin for any junk you want to get rid of.

Remove Trash and Recyclables

Once you have rented your rubbish and yard waste bins, you are ready to start cleaning the yard. It is a good idea to work around the perimeter, removing waste and junk first. Instead of just throwing all the junk in the regular rubbish bin, separate it by what you need to throw away and what you might be able to recycle. This is going to simplify the clearing process and help to manage how much waste you have. Remember to check areas you don't frequent, like the side yard and behind your shed. Quite a bit of junk is often stored in these areas and forgotten about.

Cut Down Trees and Bushes

After you have thrown out the rubbish and put recyclables in their prospective bins, you can move onto the landscaping portion. Do the biggest jobs first, such as trimming or cutting down trees that are in the way and cutting bushes. This is quite a big job in some cases, so get some friends to help if you can. Instead of leaving it all until the end, begin throwing away discarded yard waste as you go along. By the time you're finished, you will be happy you kept up with it.

Do Last-Minute Clearing

By this point, all you should have left are some final clearing of yard waste and tasks that improve the appearance of your yard. This includes trimming the remaining bushes, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, and raking leaves in the yard.